Sumida River Medical Consultation

This page contains basic information on the volunteer group Sumida River Medical Consultation ( Sumidagawa iryou soudankai) for non-Japanese speakers.  We provide free medical checkups and many other assistances mainly for homeless people. If you are interested in participating, you are always very welcome!  We recommend that you contact us at before making your visit. 

In addition to this page, you can also download this Powerpoint presentation created by a volunteer doctor Atsuko Imagawa.


About us…

When? :  2:00pm on every third Sunday,

Where ?: Sanyabori-Square, in the Sumida-River Park

What we do: We offer a comfortable place for conversation and practical relief to homeless people,  people in need and volunteers themselves all. We provide following services;

1  Medical consultation:

Examination by volunteer physician: Psychiatrists and dermatologists (it varies from month to month) examine people who wish to consult about their illness. If needed, we write letters of medical information to a hospital, which will provide the required follow-up care. The volunteers accompany him(or her) to a ward office to apply for public assistance including medical assistance, and on the same day, visit a medical facilities  to ensure their access to adequate medical treatment.

In case of an emergency, we call ambulance and accompany the patient to the hospital.

Distribution of medicine: in the case of minor illness, we  provide some medicine such as stomach medicine, cold medicine, ointment and so on.

Blood pressure and blood sugar checkup by nurses: those who make regular visits to Sumida River Medical Consultation have their own personal record-card for recording and updating the data and  each time we discuss any related issues.

2  Acupuncture and moxibustion: The practitioners of acupuncture give acupuncture and massage  from oriental medical point of view.

3 Haircut

4 Consultation about general matters We provide consultation for people who have difficulties in dwelling, financial matters, orfamily relations. Sometimes we have a real-estate broker , who helps to find  a good safe room. And sometimes a lawyer joins, who gives advice about debts-payment, or family and other problems.

5 Food
 We put our emphasis on the importance of the activity “cooking together”,which is different from one-way supply.

6 Letters
 We send letters to those who we provided the follow-up support after the consultation each month. The contents are seasonal greeting, news of events, and useful information about health with lovely illustrations. Some  people join our activity as a staff after they manage to get public assistance and find a room and job which pleases us so much.


Thank you so much for your interest in our activities!
We hope someday there will be no word like“Poverty” in the world.